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    There is no place listed as a “contact us” when you have problems with the “Expert Program”.

    Once you complete all the videos and successfully complete all the quizzes what happens next?

    HDBaseT Alliance
    HDBaseT Alliance

    Hi George,

    Once you complete all videos and quizzes you’re officially an expert! – you get an “HDBaseT Installer Expert” Certificate (by mail), a t-shirt and an electronic badge you can place on your website and/or signature.

    BTW – there’s still one video missing for the series to be completed, it should be up in a couple of days so we’ll keep you posted once it’s there. You can start the program in the meantime –  the system remembers which quizzes you’ve already passed successfully.

    good luck 🙂



    Thank you for the reply. I had completed all of the existing videos and quizzes already which is why I asked originally. You may want to put a note on the page that there is one video missing and show the other info you listed as well. I look forward to the next video.


    Just as a heads-up the last video: “HDBaseT Ecosystem & Use Cases” has been uploaded. Once I watched it and completed the quiz I received the announcement that I completed the course and should get an e-mail shortly with my certificate.
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    Some of the quizzes have conflicting answers. I’m glad that the tests allow for multiple tries because of errors like this one." alt="" width="500" height="348" />


    This was on the HDBaseT Architecture quiz.

    IMHO the answer “All of the Answers” includes “none of the answers” and vice versa. I think it may need to be worded differently.

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    This quiz has a blank radio. and the blank is one of the correct answers.

    HDBaseT Alliance
    HDBaseT Alliance

    Hi Manny,

    Thank you for your comments,we will take care of these errors ASAP.

    Have a good day,

    HDBaseT Alliance


    How long does it take for the confirmation email to come thru? And how do I get that sweeeeet T-shirt?





    Congratulations to all who pass the Expert Programme and to HDBase T Alliance for providing an open door to the trade. It was easy but also informative and will encourage more trades to further their knowledge of HDBase T. I’ll spread the word about the Expert Program.


    Ray Bridge

    HDBaseT Alliance
    HDBaseT Alliance

    Hi Expert 🙂

    It will usually take up to 2 days for the HDBaseT Alliance admin to contact you,if for some reason you have not been contacted yet we will forward this email address:, to the alliance admin and they will contact you within the next 24 hours.

    Thanks HDBaseT Alliance

    HDBaseT Alliance
    HDBaseT Alliance

    Dear Ray,

    Thank you for your comment and encouragement,it is very important for us to get your feedback.

    Have a good day,

    HDBaseT Alliance


    Thanks for the reply, I’ve gotten the follow-up and received my certificate and t-shirt. Thanks again ya’ll!

    HDBaseT Alliance
    HDBaseT Alliance

    Hi ,we are glad to hear that !

    Have a good day 😉



    Hi, how can I contact the HDBaseT Alliance admin for my certificate? Thanks in advance.

    HDBaseT Alliance
    HDBaseT Alliance

    Hi, Alfredo,
    I believe you received your certificate yesterday? If not, please drop us an email at

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