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Why HDBaseT?

Learn what is HDBaseT and the main benefits of the technology.

HDBaseT 5Play

What is the HDBaseT spec 1.0 5Play feature set?

HDBaseT Architecture

Learn what is HDBaseT and the main benefits of the technology

About HDBaseT Alliance

Who is the HDBaseT Alliance and what’s its role?

HDBaseT Spec 2.0

Learn about Spec 2.0

HDBaseT Certification Program

Learn about HDBaseT Certification Program

HDBaseT Interoperability

Learning about HDBaseT Interoperability

HDBaseT Best Practices

What are the Best Practices for HDBaseT Installations? Learn now!

HDBaseT Ecosystem & Use Cases

Learn about the HDBaseT Alliance products ecosystem

HDBaseT Control Interfaces

Learn more about HDBaseT  control interfaces, RS-232, CEC, and IR, over 100m of category cable.

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