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    Hey there.

    I am planning a Multiroom AV-Install with HDBaseT:

    There will most likely be R45-WallSockets…so there will be the Wall Socket between

    Extenders and Receivers. All Cat6 specified. Will this like lead to Problems concerning the Signal passthru from Extender to Receiver?

    I would like to use the UHD / HDR Capable Extender Sets that are available – So I would Need Maximum Bandwith.

    None of the Cable-Runs within Walls/Ceiling will be longer than 40m.

    Cables will be Cat6A.

    Would appreciate some Feedback-








    Daniel Shwartzberg
    HDBaseT Alliance

    Hi Martin,

    HDBaseT is specified to work with patch panels and patch cables. The “channel” is defined as being up to 90m of (in-wall) infrostructure cable – 24AWG or better – and then a 5m patch cable at each end. You write that the in-wall cable run will be 40m max, so assuming it is infrastructure cable that is 24AWG or better, then I do not forsee any issues.

    Good luck!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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