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    Hello, recently joined here, lots of good info, thanks all who contribute.

    Here are a couple questions, hope you can help me…

    Basically i need a projector for a meeting room, and have no easy way to connect (hired) to any source needed (only need ipad pro, and laptops), since there are no cable routing already installed on the drywall.

    I thought about using an appletv via the office wifi and i think thats done for the ipad connectivity, but the other users´laptops is what get on my nerves.

    Seeing the projector has HDBaseT capability, i guess i can use one cat6 cable to cennect the projector to….most laptops dont have a jack for cat5-6 now, (most users have macbook pro) so do i need to convert the cat6 to usb somehow?

    Then the user should connect a usb cable from his her laptop to a usb outlet on the wall? then would the converter (usb to cat) be installed inside the wall and then the cat running to the projector? is that right?

    so then the projector could switch between sources (ipad, usb outlet, thru hdbaset)…does that sound right or am i missing something? is there an easier way?

    Thanks for any help.






    Daniel Shwartzberg
    HDBaseT Alliance

    Hello and thanks for joining the Installer Zone! Very happy that you are finding it a useful resource.

    As you know, many projectors have an HDBaseT input to them, allowing for connectivity using a cat cable. However, in order to connect to the projector you need to use an HDBaseT transmitter product. This could be a simple TX extender unit, which usually has an HDMI input and so can connect to most laptops either directly or using an adapter (such as Thunderbolt to HDMI). To additionally support wireless connectivity it is possible instead to use an HDBaseT collaboration hub, which allows both wired and wireless access and switching between devices. If you refer to the list of certified products on the HDBaseT Alliance website, you will find a few hubs that are available.

    Hope this helps!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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