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    I am new to this.

    I own a EPSON G7000W Projector which has HDBaseT option and I was trying to connect it with ‘gofanco 1080p 1×4 4 port HDMI Extender Splitter HDMI Signal Distribution Amplifier over CAT5e/CAT6/CAT7’

    Laptop-HDMI-gofanco transmitter-CAT6-Epson HDBaseT (Connection format), but there was no projecton of the laptop onto the screen, but when I used an HDMI-CAT6 receiver, the projection was perfect. I just wanted to know why it is not giving me an output when I connected onto HDBaseT

    Daniel Shwartzberg
    HDBaseT Alliance


    Thanks for getting in touch, and welcome to the HDBaseT Installer Zone.

    As you may already know, HDBaseT is the industry standard for converging and extending multiple data types onto a single category cable. There are thousands of HDBaseT products available from hundreds of Alliance members. However, there are other extenders on the market that use proprietary techniques to extend video over cat cables, and those will not interoperate with HDBaseT products.

    I took a look at the Gofanco website – they have products listed as HDBaseT technology, and others that are simply listed as “extenders”. The extender/splitter product you show above is not described as supporting HDBaseT, and that is why it does not work when connecting directly to the HDBaseT port on the projector. Of course, if you use the Gofanco receiver unit and connect to the projector using the HDMI port, everything works fine.

    The easiest way to choose HDBaseT devices is to go to our list of Certified products here on our website ( ). You can search by product types or manufacturer, and add filters for specific features. We also have a mobile app (iOS and Android) where you can find the same information. Only buy certified products in order to ensure HDBaseT interoperability.

    Hope this helps!





    Thank you Daniel for the info.

    I do own a J-Tech Extender as well, which has clearly mentioned HDBaseT and I did see it on the list of certified products. I will us that instead of gofanco.

    Thanks once again for the help!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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