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    Here it goes,
    We where working with 2 LG OLED55E6P TVs and a Leaf / Control 4 matrix  HDMI switcher LXP64-PTPKIT.  Once everything was installed and programmed we ran into an issue with getting video on LG TV.s   The video would pass just fine to the SunBrite TV but not LG.   We tested all of the cables, outputs on the switcher, connection and programming with no fix.   After talking with Control 4 support,  we decided to upgrade that switcher to a new model 4K Control 4 matrix switcher C4-LU642L-KIT in hopes that this will solve the issue but, sure enough same result.  After calling Control4 again we found out that it is on LG side and there nothing we can do to solve the issue.   We called LG…  the tech support informed us that there is a firmware release that is coming out and will fix the issue.   We waited,  did the firmware update,   and…..nothing again! However we kept trying….next step was to use HDMI out directly from the switcher in to the TV with a long cable….No luck again,  all we got is a pinks screen ( and yes we did try multiple cables )…..  step after that is to use Atlona AT-UHD-SYNC device…. still nothing.   One more try by adding 1×2 hdmi splitter in line ( some people said that it may help  and we are desperate at this point ) and big nothing again.    We called LG support again,  after 3.5 hours on the phone being transferred 20 times to wrong departments ETC we finally got to Tear 3 support who simply told us that this TV is not made to work with and HDMI switcher or HD Base-T devices and there will be NO solution in the future !!!!!!

    Daniel Shwartzberg
    HDBaseT Alliance

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. From what you describe, I agree that it does appear that the TV is at fault, rather than the HDBaseT link. This is particularly apparent when you connected HDMI directly from the switcher to the TV and still you got no image, and also when you tested the Sunbrite TV. Out of interest, have you tried a different switcher to see what happens with the LG?

    HDBaseT Alliance would like to reach out to LG to see if we can get some additional information. Could you share with me the contact details of the Tier 3 support who you spoke with?




    Hi Phil,


    Have you found any solution for your problem?




    LG 40UF675V LED TV 40 Inch 4K Ultra HD problems with HDBaseT

    My setup includes a central hub/rack of devices such as Sky Boxes, Android Box, Apple TV, PS4, etc connected to a 8×8 HDMI Matrix. The matrix then distributes the signal to various rooms using HDBaseT technology over Cat6A Ethernet wiring which also handles infrared signals for remote controls and ARC (Audio Return Chanel) where applicable.

    For one of the rooms (garage/gym) I bought a relatively cheap LG 40UF675V. The TV worked for a few weeks but the screen went off (black/blank could still hear sound) which was probably due to dust not the fact it was receiving the signal over HDBaseT technology.

    LG fixed the TV screen by replacing the board. However I now get a ‘No Signal’ for all HDMI ports if receiving the signal over HDBaseT technology. If I plug a device direct to the TV with a cable (not using HDBaseT technology) I get a signal.

    I read online updating the firmware of the LG TV fixes this LG TV compatibility issue with HDBaseT technology however the new boards firmware is a later version then what they have on the download site.

    I rang LG customer services, a guy called Chris (Agent No. 221) though HDBaseT was ‘something to do with sound!’ said ‘LG does support HDBaseT, it’s not their problem, we replaced the board twice and it’s a compatibility problem’.

    I’m 100% sure it’s LG problem as they have had problems in the past with the TV’s messing up with HDBaseT. I have not changed anything – the only thing that’s changed is the board/firmware in the LG TV.

    I can’t get the problem fixed or my money back – all other brands work, even cheaper TVs work with HDBaseT technology. I’m stuck in limbo as they will not admit it’s a problem and at least their customer service don’t know what HDBaseT technology is.




    The LG OLED 65E7, has a direct connection with HDBaseT or need an extender… I is writen in the download manual, in Portuguese, that it have a Base-T jack.



    Daniel Shwartzberg
    HDBaseT Alliance

    Hi Ormeo,

    Whilst I am not familiar with this particular model of TV, I looked at the spec sheet and the RJ-45 socket is used for Ethernet connectivity – in other words, this is not an HDBaseT port. So you will need to use an extender receiver box to connect with.




    I’m having the same issues with a LG 86UH9500 TV after the client did a firmware update.  Even had the board replaced on the TV, but still no luck.  The TV was working fine before the update was performed.  I am using  KD HDbaseT unit and have no issues when using a Sony, Samsung, and my test TV at the facility.  I also connected it to a Fox & Hound unit and no issues at all.  I plan on trying a Etherial Daddy Jr, tomorrow and hope that will fix it, but client hates the thought of having a $10k tv that is being band-aided.

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