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    Hello. I am working on a A/V projection system upgrade for a house of worship. We are upgrading 2 projectors, and switching to HDBaseT for video transmission. The 2 new projectors we have chosen are Epson 5520W projectors. Our transmission distance is about 100-120 feet max from projector to equipment rack.

    What I am trying to figure out, is if Class-B (HDBT-Lite) transmitters can be used with a standard Class A receiver? We are looking at ATEN VE801T Class-B transmitters in our case. The Epson 5520W projector has a class-A receiver built-in, according to its product page here. I am assuming using a Class-B transmitter would be fine, since the transmission distance is short enough. We are not planning to take advantage of any of the other features missing from Class-B HDBaseT either, so that isn’t an issue.

    Daniel Shwartzberg
    HDBaseT Alliance

    Hi Nathan,

    Firstly my apologies for the slow response.

    Different classes of HDBaseT are designed to interoperate with each other at the maximum common capabilities that BOTH sides are able to support. So if one side supports 328ft cable reach and the other supports 220ft, then the maximum link supported will be 220ft. Similarly, if one side supports 4K video and the other does not, then 4K video will not flow across the HDBaseT link.

    Bottom line is that your understanding is correct – your class A projector should work fine with your class B transmitter. Make sure, of course, that you double-check that the features you need are supported by both products.



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    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for responding, and confirming the interoperability with Class A & B products. In our case, the class B transmitter should work great then, as we have only a 120ft cable run, and at a 1280×720 resolution.


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