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    Several of the videos in the Expert Program section of the website state that cabling should be installed using Ethernet cabling best practices.  However, there are various best practices for Ethernet cabling depending on the bandwidth.  For instance, cable bundling and even cable construction (the inventioin of Cat6A and Cat7 cable) for 10 Gbps Ethernet is very different than for 100 Mbps Ethernet. Also, BICSI recommends a single patch cable for Ethernet cable runs and of course punch down panels and patch cables are the norm in any network closet. The HDBaseT Alliance has stated that patch cables and punch downs should be limited/removed for HDBaseT applications. So, which Ethernet best practices would best correlate to HDBaseT?

    HDBaseT Alliance
    HDBaseT Alliance

    Most HDBaseT installations will use Cat5e and Cat6, and will transmit, in addition to audio & video, 100BaseT Ethernet, control, USB and power.  As such, best practices for Fast Ethernet (100Mbps) is enough.  Regarding standards, our recommendation is to use cables that follow the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards.  We do recommend to minimize the use of patch cables, as any such addition inserts noise in the system, and can affect performance (it’s the same principle that leads BICSI to recommend a single patch cable).  We also do recommend using the right tools and acceptable techniques for patch cables.   Of course, by using higher cable or shielded cable, you will get better performance and/or less noise, but HDBaseT was designed to work with simple cable under normal conditions.  Regarding bundling – that takes it to a whole new level, and if you will be bundling cables, make sure to use shielded cable.  Hope this helps.


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