ARC and CEC …5 hours of try and error to get it to work (at least for an hour)

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    I just installed to sets of tx rx with ARC CEC capability.

    These Sets are from A-Neuvideo (Ani 200 HDR).

    It tool several hour of try and error to get it to work – especially CEC and ARC did not want to work as promissed.

    While there never was a Problem with hooking a source or avr to a panasonic TV…with the tx rx it was horrible,

    I would like to know if there is a Special order of Setting up the System does exist.

    Unfortunately the manufacturer and the Manual give no Explanation.

    I would like to know for example if I do have to power on the TV or AVR or the TX/RX first?

    Also…when powering on anything…for Setup. Should the AVR and TV already have CEC Options and ARC in On postion?…or should I activate These Options later…when all devices are already wired together and powered on?

    At last…the TX/RX Units do have a button to enable/disable the ARC function.

    I discovered again and again that the TV only showed an available ARC Device…when the ARC Option at the RX was DEACTIVED.

    I somehow fear that this is a hint for an EDID Problem – is that posible?

    Another question: The TX has an optical Output where the ARC is extracted.

    So…actually it is not “classic” ARC via HDMI Output of the Receiver..

    So…next question…do I have to activate or deactivate ARC in the AVRs menu?


    In the Setup (that lasted ~1 hour till AVR -Source was changed while TV was on) that finally seemed to work—-ARC was deactivated on the AVR-side…

    Would really really appreciate some help as I already wasted two days for this at my clients site.

    BTW…Atlona guys told me at their booth that they gave up on ARC via HDMI due to issues like this.

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